Our mission
is to support your children's

desire to learn and provide
friendly and cosy environment
for their education.

Is your
child younger than 3,5 years?

Does not matter:-) For the smallest ones
we have prepared Vykladni skrin.
For more information look at our website www.vykladniskrin.com.

"Help me so I can do it myself"
sounds like a fraze.

We are changing the reality :-)
Montessori's method is world wide recognized educational system,
which contains philosophy of a child's development and practical procedures that help this development.


We are private Montessori school. We're housed at beautiful enviroment in Praze 2 - Lumírova 23 and in Praze 10 Košické 15 - near park Grébovka.

Offers Montessori environment in the Czech class for children who speak Czech and those who wish to learn Czech. Our teachers are also able to speak English so children from different countries are welcome. The optimum age for entering the Montessori Dům is two and half years, nevertheless we are ready to accept also older children.