About Us

Mission statement Montessori:

The mission of Montessori Dům preschool is to foster a globally oriented education in the context of warm community environment.

The principal aim of our programs is to develop early appreciation for the diverse backgrounds, experiences and talents of others and to teach both attitude and behaviour that reflect respect and concern for all members of the community as well as for the family and friends. Our preschool offers small family-like environment in which each child learns not only to attend to his or her own needs, but to take on responsibilities and activities that enhance the functioning of the whole community.

Method Montessori - "Pomoz mi, abych to dokázal sám.":

is a system of education that is both a philosophy of child development and a rationale for guiding such a growth. It is based on individual observing children and helping them to achieve their full potential. Children initiate their own education and make their own learning experiment. The Montessori Method covers all aspects of development - social, intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual.

The Montessori teacher is a patient and kind guide to the children respecting each and every child and supporting their self education every time. The teacher creates ideal environment full of opportunities. Maria Montessori who was the founder of this educational method believed that children spontaneously want to learn and if they are given the right activity at the right time they can absorb and learn without any difficulty.

The development of personal dignity and ability in each child - no matter how young - is one of the most valuable and permanent benefits of a Montessori education. This idea, so extraordinary at the turn of the 19th century, continues to inspire and guide teachers and parents all over the world. This special, proven approach will guide your child toward independence, a love of learning and future success.